(I posted this on Facebook but I feel it's my duty to share here, too.) There's a dad who, when he realized the high school bus went right past their home this year, ran outside with a tongue-in-cheek, embarrass-my-son wave. That evolved into dressing up in a different costume every day and waving at the bus. That's right, a different costume every day.

^Dress-up dad as Princess Leia

Here's his blog chronicling every day's costume choice (wardrobe assisted by his neighbors). What's your favorite?

Here's the news article describing how the idea came to be. Because he wanted to surprise his son, he has 4 minutes every day from the time his son leaves for the bus stop until the bus passes to don his costume and assume his waving station. 

As you might guess, what started out embarrassing for his son has evolved into something pretty cool.

. . .

My parents arrive today for the beginning of the graduation festivities. Hooray! Maybe I'l break out a costumeto wave hello.

photo via Wave at the Bus