En garde

Last weekend Lauren's fencing team went to state championships. I forgot my camera (which, sadly, disqualified me from Mom state championships) but we managed to snap a few photos on Lauren's point-and-shoot camera.

Lauren's fencing career got off to a late start two years ago as a sophomore when several of her friends talked her into giving it a try. She's never been too interested in competitive sports (this is the laidback girl who said, after trying swim team "it's fun but why does it have to be about how fast you are?") but she has LOVED fencing.

It suits her. (Doesn't it look cathartic?)

Her weapon is sabre (there's also epee and foil); they do a really quick bout with quick lunges and touches. All those cords get plugged into a system that detect when her sabre makes a hit or when she gets hit.

She had her best meet ever and went 4/4 in the first heat, helping her combined team to take 2nd in state and qualifying herself for individuals. So proud of her and her darting sabre.

So glad I'm not on the receiving side of her darting sabre.

Her coaches were Olympic fencers and the team has sent quite a few students to the Junior Olympics. You can tell the JO fencers by the fancy jackets with their name and USA on the back.


LOVE this girl. 

p.s. G and I referred to the guy in the background with the gold jacket as Wesley As-You-Wish a la Princess Bride but really he was a cross between Inigo Montoya and Wesley. He was entertaining. Maybe you had to be there.