En route

Today Lauren and I are flying west to visit some of the colleges that are on her short list. She's been admitted (yay + whew!) but now it's time to decide. We'll be at BYU tomorrow, USU on Friday for their A-Day for admitted students, and Westminster in between. All of the schools have strengths (including some scholarships, hooray) so she's hoping to get a good feel for each and be drawn to one in particular so she can make a choice. 

You know what's more difficult than making this kind of decision? Watching your very own child make this kind of decision!  I know she's en route to the rest of her life and it will be wonderful to watch and support her but it's humbling watching her eye the first huge decision she's making for herself, entirely. Is a big flashing arrow sign for her too much to ask?

How did you (or your kids) choose? As far as I remember, I was pretty haphazard and things worked okay in the end. Or at least that's what I'm reminding myself.

. . .

In other news, change must be in the air because yesterday I cut 10 inches from my hair (& was thrilled that Pantene can use it for their program for cancer patients). Gone! I've re-discovered that I'm a short hair kind of gal and, as much as I enjoyed my foray into the world of long flowing locks (which on me became long limp tangled locks), I feel much more like myself now. Basically, I think it comes down to the fact that I'm more spunky than sultry. I grinned as soon as she cut off the ponytail. So light and free! Hats off to Donna, my new hairstylist extraordinaire. Here are the inspiration photos and results:

for an edgier look

for calmer days

and here's the result, via webcam. I maintain that I look like muppet, especially right around the mouth