(This entire post should be whispered.)


I am sequestered in a super secret hidey hole this week in a self-imposed writing retreat.  Just me, a stack of research studies, my computer, and a stretch of hours every day. A gal in search of self discipline, that's me.

I give all internet friends permission to scold me outright if I show up on facebook or twitter this week during working hours. Go ahead, publicly shame me like the old lady in Princess Bride. I need the deterrent.

But (she throws out an escape rope) don't be surprised if I still show up here now and then. It's my reward. If I'm good and stay away from the internet for a lot of hours in a row, I'll let myself think and write about other things besides parenting interventions and program retention and attribution theory and other such things. 

My poor, mushy (rebellious, addled) brain is being put through boot camp and doesn't like it one bit.

Pray for me. Send good thoughts and maybe some doughnuts.

. . .

picture by Thibodeau, found via pinterest