Equal money

I love Aussie money. First of all, it's money and who doesn't like that? And it's colorful which just makes life cheerier when you're buying your milk and bread (and easier to quickly find the bill you're looking for). Also, it's made of an interesting polymer material which is kind of like fabric, kind of like plastic. It's rugged and slick with a cute little clear window to prevent counterfeiting. 

But I especially love Australian currency because I've noticed that each one features a man on one side of the bill...and a woman on the other (except the 5, which features a woman on one side and a building on the other). How cool is that? 

Poets AB 'Banjo' Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore. If you look carefully you can see some of their poetry on the bill

Reverend John Flynn (founder of world's first aerial medical service) and Mary Reibey (who arrived in Oz as a convict and went on to become a shipping magnate and philanthropist)

Aboriginal writer David Unaipon and Australia's first female parliamentarian Edith Cowan

Well done, Australia! (By the way, the coins all feature animals and symbols of Australia.)

This has made me think about who I would include on US currency if I had a vote. Obviously Jane Addams, Sacagawea, and Susan B Anthony have been honored (although ironically those coins never really caught on). Sally Ride? Louisa Alcott? Ella Fitzgerald? 

Who would you nominate?

. . .

For more info on Aussie money, go here.