The Fenway night was everything it promised to be
(& I went crazy with the camera):

clear pre-summer night

rowdy colorful fans

great seats
(thanks, boss of G)


eating peanuts and Fenway franks

good baseball (we won + I got to be close to Mike Lowell.
Hi Mike! {whisper} call me!)
I'm a fan
can you tell?

Sometimes it felt like a movie (Feverpitch, anyone?) especially when suddenly there was a commotion in right field. A big, burly (but fastmoving--and in boots!) fan broke from the stands and ran across the fields, chased by several equally burly security guards. He jumped into the crowd just down from us + was tackled and taken away to rowdy applause. Hilarious. I managed to get a tiny bit of it on my little point-and-shoot camera:

Good times, good times.