Fear busting

I'm sitting in my bed in a chilly Washington DC hotel room, contemplating doing six impossible things before breakfast tomorrow. Well, three. Before dinner. I'm here for lobbying and advocacy training for my lovely and beloved national Zero to Three leadership fellowship program. And (gulp) to do scary things like talk to senators. In person. 

So far the casualties of this assignment include: my dietary resolve not to eat sugar or dairy, my fingernails (now bitten), and (currently) my sleep. I'm a wee bit nervous and, as a personal pep talk to myself, I keep thinking of the Eleanor Roosevelt quote "we must do that which we think we cannot." And then I want to call her up and say "really? we MUST? why?"

In spite of the rampant nerves, I'm also excited. It will be fascinating and I know it's a true privilege to be able to speak up for infants and their families. And what better inspiration for fearless advocacy than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

Fingers crossed that I don't end up quite as sweaty and delirious (no offense, Mr. Smith).

. . .

In other political news, Maddy lost her bid for class president to the doughnut girl. Their loss, I say! I told her she can be my president any day. She consoled herself by making everyone baked potato soup and 7-layer bars.