Five for Friday


My friend Jess consented to be interviewed for Student+Mom. (Thanks, Jess.) I love her insights about combining the mothering and studenting life. Actually, I like her insights on pretty much anything. She's a wise and true friend and and has talked me down many a time.


Two things have made it an at-home week this week: the old beat-up van that Lauren usually drives to EARLY (5:30 a. to the m.) morning seminary is on the blink so I chose to be car-less rather than sleep-less. And today Sam has a stomach bug. So it's been a great week for getting things done here but not much to report except for things like an empty email inbox and empty laundry baskets and research articles read and notes made.


I've also been enjoying (wasting?) time at Pinterest for the last month or two; it's kind of a virtual inspiration board. Follow me if you're so inclined. If you're a pinnie, too,  I'd love to follow you. You can create boards for any category you like: recipes, books, art, style, design...


Guess what? After saving my teaching assistant money for quite some time (since my beloved and ancient MacBook named Clementine has been having trouble keeping up of late) and after visiting the Mac store at least three times and coming home empty handed, I finally got a new computer: a desktop iMac I luuuurve it. We're still getting acquainted but I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one that will usher me through photo editing and keeping in touch with loved ones and writing and dissertating and dabbling with design here and there. Still debating the name for the new computer, however. Can't rush these things.


Am drooling over this little chair on Apartment Therapy. I have just the corner for it. For now it's a cheerful boost of color just to look at it online while I wait for my slush fund to replenish. Although this one and its matching ottoman (at Target!) are also lovely and probably much more doable:


I think I'm craving spring and sunshine.