Funky town


I've been in a bit of an annoying funk lately where my bear-like instincts are trying to dictate that I hibernate and growl a lot. Really.  I can't seem to get enough sleep and I feel cumbersome and effortful, like I'm trudging through honey. Normally I could get behind the follow your instincts approach but, no, following them right now would not be advisable. 

Instead it's time to pull out the Pollyanna/Music Man philosophy and decide to think happy.  To prime the happiness pump (which, after all takes energy before the pay-off) by stretching and exercising, praying and writing.

To find glittery bits of joy + pick them up + put them in my pocket: doing the newspaper crossword and sudoku every day. G rubbing my feet while we sit on the sofa. Walking with Louie, who happily trots ahead and loves life even when at the end of a leash. Eating fresh pineapple. Hot water and great smelling shampoo. Crossing things off of my lists. Bear hugs. Inside jokes. "I love you."

To tell myself "this is going to be a really great week!" and be willing to believe it, even if it means faking it for a while.   And it really is going to be a great week, with nice stretches of time today and tomorrow to get some things done. And I am heading to Utah on Thursday to speak on a panel at BYU for a symposium for students about education/career options and family/school/work balance. (I think I'm the representative for the going-back-to-grad-school-as-a-mom contingent.) Then I get to hang out with my parents for the weekend.

 Any other members of the hibernating bear brigade out there?  How do you pull out of a funk?