Future plans

Driving somewhere with Maddy a while ago, we passed a woman waiting at a bus stop. She was in her 70s or 80s, with short white hair crowned with a sun visor. She had dressed in turquoise and pink and white and her hand rested on her little wheeled shopping hamper as she peered up the street expectantly for the bus. Or at least that's the mental snapshot I took of her as we moved past and each gave an admiring, well-meaning but slightly condescending awwww

Maddy has a fondness for white-haired folks. 

M: I kind of can't wait to be an old lady and dress like that. Is that weird? 

A: No, not weird. I have big plans for when I'm older. I want to either have short cropped white hair with artsy clothes and jewelry...

M: Ooo, yes! Like a retired architect.

A: ...Right. Or like Judi Dench.  Or the other look would be with long white hair pulled up in a bun. Classy and classic. 

M: Or braids wound around your head. With red lipstick.

A: Exactly. 

M: You know who I don't want to dress like when I'm older?

A: Who?

M: What's-her-name Gilmore. Emily. Lorelei's mom. 

A: ...Agreed. (Though it's more about how she behaved than looked, I suspect.)

So that's settled, then.