Giving up

And now, a little list: Things I have given up in the last few months. (Sorry, Mr. Churchill and your hearty advice.)

~ sugar + dairy (good. and difficult. Also, I fell off the wagon for a bit in Utah.)

~ a dissertation topic (but found a better one, I think)

~ Google reader on the opening iGoogle page of my computer (so I don't get sucked in every single time)

~ some opportunities to nap (but not all!)

~ thyroid medication (it was causing too many side effects)

~ feeling overly anxious and insomniac (see above)

~ expectations and control (a little of it, but still)

~ trying to study at home (more or less) 

~ a little bit of my dignity (oh well)

~ my temper (maybe not really gave it up so much as lost a few times)

~ serving on the board at CRT (it was a wonderful time and now it's time to hand it over)

~ trying to please everyone all the time (well, notice I said all the time. I might still try sometimes--it's a hard habit to break.)

But not blogging! I'm still here. The month of May marks my fifth year of blogging* + I hope to ring it in with newfound gusto and enthusiasm and maybe a teensy bit of moving around of the furniture here. Thanks for not giving up on me

*If you count the little family blog I started for my parents and sibs and me in 2006. Which, obviously, I do.