He rose from his sick bed

Sam had a piano recital today and we weren't entirely sure whether he'd make it, what with the whole stomach flu thing afflicting him since Tuesday, but he did it and with gusto (and a few pre-recital butterflies). Sam's awesome piano teacher has really encouraged his composing as well as his playing and so they chose this Sam original for today's performance. I give you Anxiety, with an embellishment of some guy's cough and my gritty realism (shaky) camera skills:

It made me remember piano recitals of my youth. It's where I first learned that I get sweaty hands when I'm nervous. And then I get really, really sleepy, which is the opposite of the adrenaline boost that would be helpful. I remember having odd, out-of-body thoughts like "those are my fingers playing this song. Weird. I'm really sleepy. How do I even remember the notes? DO I remember the notes?" and then I'd either stumble or, miraculously, my fingers would take over without needing my pesky brain.

I love that Sam called this Anxiety. It's like a musical map to one of his emotions. A window into his (not pesky at all) brain.