Hit parade

1. Trader Joe's Hold the Cone mini ice cream cones. Whoa, nelly! The chocolate ones are my favorite but the vanilla are also in the zone of amazing. Only 70 calories each, so when you eat the whole box you don't feel quite so bad. Or so I'm told.  (What is that you ask? If I am still shunning sugar? And dairy? Well, yes. Usually. Technically. These are still wonderful little morsels when I'm not living up to that philosophy in practice.) 

By the way, I am a small little blog (as you know); T.J.'s doesn't know even I exist so suffice it to say they do not pay me to say such nice things. I just can't stand enjoying something like this without spreading the news.


2. Lee Woodruff is a gal I would love to be girlfriends with (although, perhaps I should put my best foot forward and NOT end the sentence with a preposition to impress her...with?). Do you remember how her husband, Bob, was injured by a roadside bomb while reporting from Iraq? And she wrote a book  with him about it? Well, she's a terrific writer and I love her blog. It doesn't hurt that her children are the same age as mine, complete with high school graduating daughter. She gets me, even though she doesn't know me. 

Recently she unraveled a great story about extravagant prom proposals, how it played out,  taking a mother-daughter trip to Paris, and leaving a body part there/being rescued. Enjoy. But I get dibs on being her imaginary BFF.


3. Speaking of amazing true stories, I've been following the inspiring, heart-breaking story of my high school friend's nephew who was in a terrible snow boarding accident a month ago, the day before he was scheduled to leave on a 2-year mission for church.  Gates is a testament of optimism and faith and love and determination. I don't know him but I'm inspired by his (and his family's) great spirit and tenacity. Start with the first post and work chronologically from there is my suggestion. It wouldn't surprise me if you added him to your prayers, too.


4. Lauren pointed this out to me a couple of days ago & it made me laugh:

What's on your hit parade this week?