How to have a perfectly lovely birthday

1. Get up in the morning and find a package on the table from G, an invitation to go out on Saturday on a surprise adventure.

2. After doing the early morning seminary run and getting the kids off to school, come back home and get back into bed. Don't mind the grey skies and rain, they are all part of the coziness.  Read for an hour and doze a little, too.

3. Give yourself the day off from doctoral writing commitments.  Only feel the twingiest of guilts about it. 

4. Install new curtains (finally! three years later!) in the front room and love them (pictures to follow).

5. Have a Very Facebook Birthday. Seriously, is there anything more gleeful than getting birthday wishes from people from all corners of your life? Elementary school, high school, college, family, Virginia friends, town friends, church friends, school friends, blog friends. I was feeling the love. Thank you, you lovely people.

6. Discover packages on the porch! And good mail!

7. Attend the 7th grade barbecue and dance. What are you gonna do? The most important social event of the year for your son's class is on your birthday. Enjoy sneaking peeks at the dance downstairs and socializing with the other parents. Get out of driving carpool for your older daughter when another parent hears it's your birthday. Sweet.

8. Take advantage of your Friday birthday by pushing the celebration into the weekend. 

9. Saturday night, go to eat with G in Boston at Beacon Hill Bistro. Have steak frites and a lemon tart. What?! It's your birthday! 

10. Attend the Speaking Clock Revue!  G hit the mark on this one and surprised me with tickets to this one-of-a-kind show. T Bone Burnett put together a fantastic night of music with one show in Boston (last Saturday) and one in NYC (this Wednesday) Oh. My. Goodness.  What a fun night and incredible music: Elvis Costello, Elton John, Neko Case, John Mellencamp, Punch Brothers, The Secret Sisters, Jeff Bridges, Karen Ellson and more. Such a cool, rip roaring evening.  If you're in NYC this week, try to get a ticket to this rare treat.


I'm so grateful for my life and the people in it.



This is The Song ~ Punch Brothers

also this one is fun

The One I Love is Gone ~ The Secret Sisters