In league together

I love hearing about other student/moms.

I want to know what fuels their days, why they went back to school, what the school & family blend looks like for them. I'm inspired to hear about others' triumphs and challenges and comforted to know I'm not alone--because, oh, it can be lonely. On the off chance that others feel the same way, I'm starting a sometimes feature over on Student+Mom: an interview series/virtual kitchen table chat I am lovingly calling The League of Student-Moms (isn't there something superheroic sounding about that?).  Maybe if you're in grad school or considering it or if you know someone who is or if you're just interested in what makes people tick or inspired by watching valiant reaching, you'll have a peek.

First up, Sarah Jones. I've never met her but I'd sure like to! (I keep telling her we should be neighbors. That's not creepy, is it?) I love her blog Unhistoric Acts and I'm pretty sure you will, too. Meet Sarah in an interview over here.

. . .


Now. I'm not saying everyone should go to grad school. Going "back to school" is just one way to rise to what's inside you, where timing meets opportunity meets take-a-breath-and-jump. I'm inspired by women of all stripes; we each house a different internal alchemy that dictates our yearnings and activities. I'm thinking of women I know who are:

Running a marathon or a non-profit or a PTA.

Writing westerns or wills or websites.

Jumping from planes or into craft projects or from volunteer gig to volunteer gig. 

Mastering behavioral economics or the perfect cupcake or capturing life in paintings.

Hats off to all and the blogs that chronicle these activities. And here's to being supportive of each other.