On the corner of Horrifying and Funny:

Yesterday I got this text message from Lauren:

Are there any holocaust cookbooks you would suggest?

I wasn't sure if I should recoil in horror (yes) or laugh really hard (that, too). Silly auto-correct. For the record, once I asked for clarification I learned that she was asking if I knew of any good books about the holocaust. 

. . .

On the corner of Funny and Hooray:

You guys, The Jolly Porter is back from blogging retirement. You're welcome.

. . .

On the corner of Hooray and Hmmm...

We sat down and watched the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert this weekend. Ah, memories. It was nostalgic and fun to share the music and story with my kids (and we now have wishful plans to see the musical somewhere soon). The hmmm part was when Marius came out and it was...well, I'll let you see. My girls were kind of happy about it, though.

For one of the encores, they had the original 1985 London cast join in. I know I'm showing my geek (and cliche) colors here but I LOVED it. These were the voices on my really worn taped copy of Les Mis in high school and the people I saw every few weeks when I was in London on study abroad in 89 (back in the days when I wandered around the city and listened to On My Own on my walkman). It felt like a vocal family reunion.

Although, here's the thing: it made me feel a bit aged realizing it has been 25 years. The 80s Marius is a rather old and pudgy (though obviously thrilled and emotional to be there). And you know that the 80s Cosette was all "I've still got it so I'm going to wear my black sequined onesie to show off my legs."

Anyway, you should watch it when it hits your PBS station. p.s. Les Mis is starting a US tour soon, too.