It's a jolly holiday

A bit ago the stars aligned (well, the stars and our wanderlust and an airline sale and our last spring break all together and a--knock on wood--nice tax return) and we rather spontaneously decided to go on an adventure next week over spring break. Not just any old adventure but the Queen of All Adventures. A royal adventure. I can hardly stand it, I AM SO EXCITED. If I were a cool, been-there-done-that kind of blogger I would wait and tell you once we already landed (oh by the way, we're abroad this week). But (clearly) international woman of mystery I am not.*

London, here we come! I've been waiting 20+ years to share my favorite city with my kids. It gives me happy chills just thinking about it.

Yesterday I was checking into tickets at the Globe Theatre (eep!) and, as I filled out the information form here were the choices for "title":

  • Mr
  • Mrs
  • Miss
  • Ms
  • Dr
  • Sir 
  • Lord
  • Lady
  • Dame
  • Prof
  • Air Commodore
  • Baroness
  • Brigadier
  • Canon 
  • Capt
  • Cmdr
  • Colonel
  • Count
  • Countess
  • Judge
  • Lt
  • Madame
  • Marquess
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Rev
  • Bishop
  • Duke
  • Viscount
  • Viscountess

All of the above, please? Not in Kansas any more, I guess! I'm no fan of insults and put-downs but perhaps a little Shakespearean insult training (e.g., Thou spleeny rough-hewn dewberry!) wouldn't hurt in the name of cultural understanding and Hamlet prep?

. . .

*I am so lacking in mystery that a quick glance back through the last few posts reveal mentions of: Upstairs Downstairs (British), a quote by Winston Churchill (ditto), a letter to BBC's Blue Peter (yes, again), and a clip of Les Mis (yup).