Joyous day

I love it when Easter weekend and Conference weekend coincide. It means there's a lot of this:

[Watching conference + napping. Inspiration by osmosis]

It's hyggli + inspiring. The kids used to call it "pajama church" and it's almost the sole reason we have DirectTV satellite--so we can watch conference here in the comfort of home rather than go to the church. In between sessions we go on walks and make lemon meringue pie and sit in the sun.  It's the great gateway weekend to spring.

In keeping with tradition, the Easter Bunny hid the baskets: Sam's was in the dryer, Maddy's in the bathroom closet invisible behind the bandaids and hair products, and Lauren's tied up in the shower. (Note: in our house one Easter Bunny gets the basket treasures and lovingly fills the baskets, a different Easter Bunny hides the baskets, the harder to find the better. Let's call them Beneficent Easter Bunny and Trickster Easter Bunny, shall we?)

Sam just reminded us that we haven't dyed Easter eggs yet.  We get later and later in the holiday with Easter eggs and pumpkin carving.  Before long we'll do Flag Day Easter eggs and Nativity jack-o-lanterns.  Or so I fear. Sam, faithfully upholding the role of the youngest, keeps us honest in our sticking with traditions.  We're lucky we have him is a lot more fun if you do things Sam's way.

More weekend photos: