Let it be

Les Disciples Jean et Pierre Courant au Sepulcre Le Matin de la Resurrection, Eugene Burnand

I brought the postcard of this painting home from the Musee D'Orsay. It sits on the shelf above my desk and my heart pings a little every time I look at it. According to my rusty college French, the title translates to something like The Disciples Peter and John Rush to the Sepulchre on the Morning of the Resurrection. Look at those faces, that simultaneous hope and anxiety. Rushing but almost reluctant. Please let it be.

Today I read a post about "the wild, tender place between knowing and not knowing" and I glanced up at my postcard tilted there on the shelf and thought, Yes.

I had a rush of understanding about paths and inspiration. I can feel fear and anxiety (those disciple faces! I recognize them) about things I feel nudged to do and yet still be headed in the right direction. Just because I wonder how shall it be doesn't mean I'm not confident in the outcome.

Even if I'm whispering a mantra of Please let it be under my breath and clasping my hands as I walk into the wind.

 . . .

Oh, hello, grateful November! Today I'm thankful for Costco and babies in the air and art postcards and closing lines and illustrative graphs and The Beatles' Let It Be.