Lightening up

Okay, back to the joy.

How much do I LOVE this duck? (Goose?)

Very, very.

. . .

Happy things of late:

~ Running into the lovely and fabulous Jenny on the subway. It's kind of surreal to see someone in person who you only know online. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out if it was really her; she was the first to pipe up and introduce herself. I was kinda tongue tied. (Sorry, Jenny!)

~ When we ran into each other, we were both on our way home from the Punch Brothers concert in Somerville. It was amazing (again). Love those guys. And the Secret Sisters opened for them again--also wonderful. G surprised me with tickets in my Christmas stocking & it was a brilliant idea to have something to look forward to in January.

I know I've raved about them before but here I go again. They're hard to describe: A combination of bluegrass + folk + modern classical (amazing Brandenburg concerto) + jazz improv + rock. Don't worry, I don't really like bluegrass, either, but I do love my Punch Brothers. They brightened my January, definitely.  Side note: Chris Thile looks a bit like Jude Law, yes?

~ Snow! We have been snow blessed this last week. It's gorgeous. I'm embracing the snow this year (well, not literally. That would be a cold and wet and unsatisfying embrace, to be sure). This year we stocked up on all the weather-appropriate outdoor clothing and snowshoes and--lo and behold!--I'm more of a fan. Plus I don't shovel much. Thanks, G. 

~ Downton Abbey. Navel oranges. Instant Kindle book shopping. Water.  Chocolate cake. Layering. Cool room + flannel sheets. Organizing. Grey boots. Getting back into the swing of things. These are a few of my (current) favorite things.