Like a dream


Maddy recently discovered the joys of photography and can be found with my old film camera slung around her neck, focusing on various details and worrying about lighting and shutter speed. I can't wait to see the world through her lens. And I do have to wait. Oh, film. Remember the patience of film photography? She's taking a class and learning the darkroom techniques of developing film. Twice someone else opened up the developer with her film in it and she lost the entire batch of photos. Twice. Gone, like a dream untold. Heartbreaking.

. . .

I admit I'm a little out of sorts today. I went back to bed after the last of the kids left for school at 7:30 this morning because I went to bed at 1 (G got called out for a bit last night) and got up at 5:15 (driving kids to seminary) and I'm not a very nice person on 4 hours of sleep. Or at least that's the feedback I've received.

Morning dreams are odd. Today I had this strange & vivid dream where G and I were driving along and he remembered he needed to get something so suddenly he was gone and I was alone in the car. La di da di da, looking out the window, enjoying the scenery. Then I looked up and the car was veering toward a cliff because (hello!) no one was driving. I grabbed the steering wheel but ended up rear-ending two cars that were parked in a row, one filled with policemen. G showed up, a little bewildered about how I managed to crash, but kind about it.  We decided to find some bicycles.

Don't analyze that, please.

And, sorry, retold dreams are never very interesting but this is just to say that now I have a dream hangover, fuzzy and a little irritated and kind of defensive.

So fingers crossed on the nice person thing today.