Like sand and snow

February makes me all mushy and sentimental. I apologize in advance about that. It's not just Valentine's Day but also our anniversary this month so I have ample occasions for my sentimentality. It's kind of a chicken-egg situation: am I mushy because this is our marriage month? Or did we choose February because of its romantic pull? (Actually, it's a funny story why we chose February, one I'll have to tell sometime when I'm not in parentheses.)

In light of above mentioned mushiness, I'm not just limiting my sentimental posts to one or two days this month. Oh, no. You will not escape that easily. Because, in the name of love, all you need is love, love lifts us up where we belong. Right? 

One of the things I especially appreciate about my relationship with G is our differences. I know it's no huge revelation that--thunder clap--men and women are different. You've got your Mars/Venus comparisons, your unique love languages, your husbands-as-pets philosophies. 

But, by far, my favorite analogy about the transformative power of these differences is within this short film about snow and sand by Kirsten Lepore (recently found via Swiss Miss):

I love you, G. Thanks for sharing you and making me better.

(And sorry for the dead mice I sometimes give in return.)


This 1-minute clip about making the film is awesome, too.