Liner notes 11-15


11. Save the day with laughter. Another great grandma Brockbank classic, her mothering motto can apply to so many situations. And your laugh is particularly contagious...

12. Everyone feels shy/awkward/insecure sometimes, especially in new situations. Introduce yourself, smile, shake hands, make eye contact. 

13. Offer to help with the dishes. You'll be amazed at the effect on roommates and (eventually) potential in-laws.

14. It's not all about you. To find yourself, lose yourself.

15. Any sentence that begins "no offense but..." or "I hope this doesn't offend anyone..." probably will. Be thoughtful about whether you need to say it at all.

. . .

With the first of my children leaving home in the next few months, I'm writing occasional Liner Notes, bits of advice to my kids concerning my take on how to be a gracious, awesome grown-up-type person (both trivial bits and major advice). Why "liner notes"? Because, back in the day, I pored over the liner notes of my cds, curious to find the story behind the music. That's what I hope this will be: the story behind the music of growing up and setting off on your own. (Or at least a ready-made catalog of how you can avoid making my mistakes.) Feel free to chime in! What would you add?