Losing it

G and I went on a romantic date to Costco on Saturday afternoon. I had the keys to the car in my purse so I drove us there while we chatted away about work and our kids and the upcoming summer and other sundry things. You know, like you do. We parked out in the nether regions of the lot since it was an hour before closing and everyone in the Boston metro area had realized they needed bulk toilet paper and mega packs of dog food.

We went in and spent a good 40 minutes amongst the packs of batteries, double sleeves of bagels, containers of blueberries, and bulk candy (for his bishop's office jar, of course). We bought our things, packed them into boxes, and headed to the car. 

We darted around cars and carts and trudged up the hill to the back of the parking lot. As we came closer and our car came into view I said "that's weird, it looks like there's smoke coming out of our tailpipe." We decided maybe the car behind ours was creating an optical illusion. We got closer. "No, there really IS smoke coming out of our tailpipe. What's up with that?" 

It was then that I reached the car and realized IT WAS ON. As in running. I had gotten out of the car, left it running with the keys in it (unlocked) and shopped for close to an hour.  Seriously. Preoccupied doesn't even begin to describe it.  Oy. 

At home, I confessed the whole saga. Kids, go mark this date on the calendar as the day your mom began to lose her mind. 

This does, actually, have me worried about my brain. Please tell me you've done something forgetful + absent minded + loopy? Otherwise I'm going to have to spend the next week googling symptoms of early onset dementia...