Louie, Louie

Earlier this week, we came home at the end of the school day to find the back door blown open by the wind.  Louie had taken full advantage of this all-day, unfettered access to the outdoors and gathered up ten (TEN!) shoes, one by one, and ferried them out onto the back lawn.  Interesting sense of humor he has, that Louie.  I wish I knew for sure the statement he was making to us.  A commentary on the stinky state of some of the shoes around here? An anti-consumerism protest?  Shoe-envy? Critique of our so-last-season footwear?

. . .

Also. Yesterday Maddy found another little treasure tucked into the corner of our couch in the family room (remember when he stored up a bunch of dog jerky treats there?).  She plopped down on the couch and felt something nudging up against her hip so she snaked her hand down into the crevice (brave girl) and pulled out....a wrapped cube of butter!? He must have snatched it from the counter at some point.  I had to applaud his delay of gratification on that one. Hardly a toothmark on the cube!  Also, I'm trying not to take it too personally that he thinks he needs to hide the butter from us, from me.  (What?! Louie, I gave up dairy last month! Really!)

Shoes and butter. What can you do but laugh?

. . .

Listen: Louie, Louie ~ The Kinks