Lucky guy


Sam has been a lucky guesser lately. He has won four--FOUR!--guessing contests this year. His latest victory was at the middle school on Maroon and Gold Day right before Thanksgiving. He guessed there were 2092 skittles in the jar. There were 2098 (obviously there are fewer now, as you can see).

I guess he uses his crazy math skills to calculate and win. (Don't ask me, I'm more the humanities type; I credit those genes gifted from his engineer grandfather. Seriously, the boy has an amazing 100% average in math right now. Mathlete.) Luckily for everyone else he's a good sharer--from homeroom to the school bus to the home front. In fact, I have now confiscated and hidden the jar to eliminate its siren call to all of us. Unfortunately, I still know where it is.

In the meantime, we are planning to get Sam trained in weight-guessing and other carnival skills so he can put his guessing skills to more lucrative success.

And then we'll make him do our taxes.