Making grey lemonade

Print by John Kenn

Yesterday's cozy has become today's dreary. Not only is it rainy and blah, I'm mourning a bit over a trip-that-didn't-happen to the big city this weekend. I think this calls for a list.

Things to do on a dreary day like today:

Take a nap at 10 a.m.

Pick up fresh flowers at Trader Joe's


Turn on all the lamps in the house

Start the weekend early with a movie marathon

Laugh at old yearbooks

Smile at Maddy's birthday Amazon wishlist

Bake + sing + tapdance in the kitchen

Wear red shoes

Go get a McDonald's diet coke (crushed ice, big straw)

Think about Thanksgiving plans

Order fun stamps from USPS

Order prints of lots of computer-trapped photos

Read Lauren's letters of recommendation for college apps

Decide everyone should get affirming letters of recommendation now and then

Take deep deep breaths

imagine I'm here^

Or all of the above.