Midsummer playlist


Yesterday was a completely quiet day around here, just Louie and me. I thought I would spend all day with my nose to the writing grindstone but instead (in a classic case of productive neglect) I decided to clean the studio, organize my computer, and create a few playlists.  Suddenly that felt very urgent, you know?

This playlist is full of songs I'm listening to this summer, mostly recent music but also a few summer classics from years gone by. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify* if you have it but, if not, here's a list in case you are also trying to avoid deadlines like me:

1. Barton Hollow ~ The Civil Wars
2. Jungle Drum ~ Emiliana Torrini
3. North ~ Chris Merritt
4. Towers ~ Bon Iver
5. Romeo & Juliet, 39, Romeo bids farewell ~ Prokofiev
6. Someone Like You ~ Adele 7. What is Love? ~ Howard Jones
8. Charlie Darwin ~ The Low Anthem
9. Awake my Soul ~ Mumford & Sons
10. O Mio Babbino Caro ~ Gianni Schicci
11. Human Orchestra ~ Mark Bradshaw
12. It's Oh So Quiet ~ Bjork
13. Poison & Wine ~ The Civil Wars
14. Via con me ~ Paolo Conte
15. Pumped Up Kicks ~ Foster the People 
16. Sugar ~ Chris Merritt
17. Mama, You Been On My Mind ~ Jeff Buckley
18. Doctor! Doctor! ~ Thompson Twins
19. Ghostwriter ~ RJD2
20. Some Things are Meant to Be ~ Little Women musical
21. Gravity ~ Sara Bareilles
22. Don't You Remember ~ Adele 

Taking a closer look now, there are some themes there, I think.  Fun. Love. Warmth. Some mellow nostalgia. A little melancholy there at the end. Yup, that's this summer from the view in my shoes, pretty much.  

What's your favorite song of this summer?

. . .

*I know I told everybody to join Spotify but I should add (thanks, Sarah) that you have to request an invite by entering your email address on the site. It only took a day or two for me to get the invite. I forgot to mention that before. 

photo via dandelionandgrey