Notes from a bizarre weekend

Is it the phase of the moon? Our rather crazy weekend included:

~ the locally famed 6th Grade Spaghetti Supper at the middle school. Parents and 6th graders come and have school-food-caliber spaghetti served by hyper 7th graders, then the kids go to the gym for their FIRST DANCE EVER while the parents socialize in the cafeteria. It's clear whose idea this was, since it works out much more to the benefit of parents (who can spy on their children and take scrapbook pictures) than the kids (who are duly mortified by parents' behavior).

~ one trip to the ER, when Sam's friend practiced a WWW move on him in our kitchen and Took Him Down. Straight onto his head and arm. He's a lover, not a fighter, our Sam. But he's fine...he's proudly sporting a sling and less proudly nursing a nagging headache.

~ Maddy's first talk in church. Thankfully, the topic was forgiveness so she could work on that right away & forgive her dad for asking her to talk. She did great but had a huge I-don't-want-to-do-this attack on Sunday morning.

~ four basketball games for family members on Saturday. That's a lot of basketball, even for Greg.

~ serious pinewood derby car planning and construction. I realized yesterday that the small car has replaced our real car in the garage. My car's in the driveway getting covered in snow and ice and the little 6-inch wooden car sits on its cardboard box pedestal smack in the middle of the garage, all protected and preserved. It makes me laugh every time I accidentally press the garage opener and--tada!--the curtain is raised on the pampered car. Race day is this Friday.

~ Lauren studying for her first high school midyear exam week. All this week instead of classes they hold exams for every subject, like in college. I kept hearing the lines from the Sound of Music "how do you catch a cloud and pin it down?" as we've been trying to help her sit down and just study & review everything she's learned so far this year.



p.s. The fabulous Gabi kindly asked me to answer some questions & posted the interview on her can check it out here.


{at the top: self portraits by Sam & Maddy. I didn't mean to imply they are bizarre}