Once more, with feeling...

Once upon a time there were three proms. Three! The first was for church, the second a friend's senior prom at another school, and the third was the one at her own school. (Goldilocks anyone?)

It feels redundant to be posting yet another series of prom photos but here we go. This is for you, posterity!

with bestie, Lucy

Her date was working in Boston all day, close to the prom hotel, so he met her there. Maddy (who I'm nominating for the super-good-sport-sister-of-the-year award) provided the chalkboard stand-in drawing for pictures.

Great people, right there ^ It will be wonderful watching who they each become.

Funny girls.

Prom season, over and out.

. . .

(Jenny, re: your comment on the last post, we should start a prom dress exchange service. Plan on using our prom dress closet when your daughters reach that point. Truly.)