Paint it black

Look what I did yesterday:

Yup, that's our fridge. When we moved in, we inherited this old white fridge that had rusted in places; it proceeded to drive me stark raving crazy for the next four years. It was a sad eyesore, especially since so much of our life and entertaining happens in the kitchen. I finally reached the tipping point yesterday and got out the chalkboard paint (consulting this and this for tips). I quite like the result, except I'm not sure what to do with those bright white handles. Paint them? Replace them? Remove them entirely?

One thing for sure: it really beats the old curmudgeon of a stained + chipped fridge we've been living with. It was also very therapeutic. Now I have half of a container of paint left and nothing is safe. I'm talking to you, fireplace mantle/drawers/blank wall!

. . .

How to paint your fridge with chalkboard paint:

1. Wipe it down with cleaner and take off all of those photos and fliers, obviously

2. Lightly sand it to rough up the surface.

3. Tape around spots you don't want to paint (I skipped this and just went for it).

3. Apply chalkboard paint (that first swipe is the hardest. Be brave!); let dry. Repeat until you like the results (this took 2-3 coats). Honestly, this took about an hour, start to finish.