Passage to India

While I'm hovering around, listening to NPR online and waiting to hear US election results, I thought I'd share a bit of news we've been buzzing about around here.

After visiting us for Christmas next month, Lauren will head off to India where she has been accepted to study abroad next semester. She's over the moon about it; she has always had an particular fondness for all things to do with India and now she gets to go study and live there for over four months. 

She'll be in Visakhapatnam (usually called Vizag for short), a port city on the south eastern coast of India on the Bay of Bengal, in a house with several other students. 

One (admittedly tourist bureau-ish) view of Vizag

It's a hybrid program so she'll be taking language and anthropology classes at Andhara University and also doing her own independent field research. She's planning on doing an ethnography studying siblings and sibling caregiving in Indian culture. Truth be told, I'm thrilled for her and a little jealous--while simultaneously indulging in some parent worry and prayers for her safety and health (breathe in, breathe out). Another truth be told: I think Lauren secretly would be perfectly content to stay there and do international work a la Maggie Doyne.

Oh, hello, strong Paxman/Brockbank/Bentley wanderlust genes. I know you.