Tonight I pick up the mysterious and elusive Sam from camp. I'm excited to see him, the camp, and make sure that they haven't kidnapped him or lost him (G suggested at one point that we request a photo of him with that day's newspaper, just to verify).  Nope, still haven't heard from him. Still hoping that means that he's having a really very fantastic time, not a really very miserable time. I might have awakened once or twice in the middle of the night these past few weeks wondering about him and how it's going. (It's true that I did, but I also put that last sentence in so that when he reads it, he'll feel guilty and write more next time. Passive-aggressive parenting anyone? Oh, hi, Sam!)

I flew out yesterday and we will fly back tomorrow. Then I'll be back again in a couple of weeks to drop off L at university. It's like I'm doing the usual carpool mom thing but with airplanes. I agree: pretty ridiculous.