Playing Charade

Sometimes at our house it's hard to find a movie that will please everyone, that is romantic and visually pleasing enough (and not too scary, please) for Maddy and exciting and funny and suspenseful enough for Sam. (Yes, that was quite gender stereotypical but what can you do. That's really what they each like in a movie.) This was a hit for both last weekend:

Maddy, a fan of all things Audrey Hepburn and retro, got the dvd for Christmas. I couldn't remember enough about it to know for sure if Sam would like it but it's funny and reminiscent of Hitchcock with lots of plot twists. It's probably still a little much for younger kids (murders and all, you know) but if you've got kids 11-18, try it. And then I challenge you not to hum the theme song for several days afterwards. (Look! Hulu shows it for free.) 

. . .

Many moons ago, I had this idea to suggest off-the-beaten-path movies for children and families. I did a few (okay, three) and it seems like a good time to start back up since it's come up in several conversations and emails lately.