Prommed again

L. found her dream dress in SLC over spring break + loved that it had little cap sleeves

So sweet {^ note adoring younger sister looking on in the background...}

Prom group {we were rushed and it was hard to get a shot where everyone looked good. Sorry, T (in pink)}

 D & L. They've known each other since 3rd grade + have been close friends ever since.

 On the red carpet walk

. . .

What a difference a week makes! When we scheduled L's procedure, the doctor reassured us she would be up and at 'em and at prom the next weekend.  I had my doubts but, sure enough, she was back at school on Tuesday, in her flute recital on Thursday, and at junior prom on Friday. Amazing what the body can do and heal from.

Our high school has a nice tradition of all the families gathering at the school for a red carpet procession/photo op of all of the junior prom couples, then the kids all board busses and head to the hotel for the dance. They all return for pick-up at 11:30, safe and (most of them) sound. Lauren had a wonderful evening. Now her group of friends has a whole progressive activity evening planned tonight: fun, a dinner, an outdoor movie in our yard. The girls have taken over all the planning. Is that a thing now?