Randomness does not skip a generation

I came across a little pile of 14 cards under a stack of books on the ottoman. Apparently Sam compiled these at some point this summer before he left, just because. It was a delicious little dose of his sense of humor and randomness:

(we really do call his barber Tim the Shrubber. Just a little Monty Python reference, you know.)

The other lists are equally charming and quirky. Oh, we miss that boy...

. . .

In that same spirit (and since I do love a good list as much as the next gal) I'll add a few random things of my own:

Summer loves:

  • Crates full of CSA veg (mint! corn! cucumbers! potatoes! zucchini! loads of greens!)
  • Loads of salads (see above)
  • Streaming shows and movies on Amazon prime for FREE (Hasta la vista, Netflix?)
  • Dog walks (Louie got skunked so now we walk rather than send him out in back to meet Mrs. Skunk and her five babies again)
  • Spotify Joinjoinjoin. It's like Pandora but you can listen to whatever you want + create playlists
  • Smores bars. I made these for my sunday school class. Oh, Minerva. They are goooood.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Long evenings. 

Still dreaming to do this summer:

  • see the new Harry Potter movie (waiting for Sam to see it with me)
  • Refresh my French (it's in there somewhere...)
  • Revive calligraphying
  • Decide on room reassignments and decorating 
  • Drive-in movie 
  • A little getaway with G
  • Have an outdoors dinner party

Good reads I'm still thinking about: