On Saturday it was just Sam and me for the day. Maddy was attending Youth Conference (and having a ball, I might add) and Lauren took a Bastille Day roadtrip to New York with her best friend, Lucy (where they also had a ball). So after we got a few chores done at home, it was a Sam's choice afternoon. We went to the music store and checked out the drums and bass guitars:

I had to take this photo on the sly because who wants to pose for their mom in a drum and guitar store? Not this boy.

Next we went to Bolocco for burritos and headed to the river near our house for a little kayaking:

 I took a few seconds of video so I could remember those oh-so-peaceful moments in that lovely place with my favorite boy:

Wow, is that my voice? It's certainly not the one I hear from my inside-my-head perspective when I talk. Next time I'll have to remember: shh. don't say a word.