Say what?

A while ago I volunteered to go get the ward choir music bound at the local office supply store. I was wandering around trying to find some of those clear covers and plastic spiral bindings and couldn't locate them anywhere. Finally, I spotted a store employee and asked him where to find them.

"Oh, right. Those are online."

"So I have to order them online and then come and have these bound?"

"Uh, no, love. Online."


(guy holds up nine fingers and speaks slowly)

"A i s l e   N i n e"


. . .

Today on the drive to school the guy on the radio was talking about Elton John (who just did a concert here last night) and how his favorite song of the evening's performance was Tony Danza. While not a huge Elton fan, I was pretty sure I was aware of most of his songs and surprised that he wrote one about the Who's the Boss actor. Hmmm, interesting. Then he proceeded to play the song: Tiny Dancer. Ohhhhh.

. . .

Still finetuning my ears to the nuances of the Australian accent, I suppose, but it's very entertaining in the meantime!