Ha. If only!

Seeds of inspiration*

  1. This motivating (for me anyway) talk by photog Andrew Zuckerman about the creative process
  2. Episodes of new t.v. show Fairly Legal (just pure fun...those are good seeds, too)
  3. An inspiring TED talk by mother-daughter Somali doctors
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody on the ukelele (This reminds me that we had a discussion about the beginning words of that song. The kids thought it said "Mama just killed a man" and I was pretty sure that it was someone talking to Mama: "Mama, just killed a man." We googled and I was right. What a difference a comma makes!)
  5. Nigel Marsh's words about work-life balance

 Seeds of hope**

  1. I'm so moved by the scenes in Egypt today. Amazing. I hope things go smoothly for them.
  2. That reminds me. Have you read Persepolis? It's a graphic (comic-strip) memoir (and also a movie) about a young girl in Iran during the revolution in 1979-80. My students are assigned to read one of five books to apply social and emotional development principles to the character. This is one of them.
  3. Another of the choices is The Glass Castle, which I also just finished. What a grueling, heartbreaking, funny story of hope and resilience. Have you read it? (I think I'm the last person around to read it.)

Seeds of love***

  1. This profile of the Neon Tree's {female} drummer rocks.
  2. Stacy Julian has the BEST idea for a Minute to Win It valentine. We're doing these for sure.
  3. You will melt over the sweetest batch of valentines ever, via Brooke at inchmark.
  4. Loved Michelle's chronicle of their Valentine making night, too.
  5. The Tale of Two Parkers (on Segullah today) will probably move you to tears. Just warning.
  6. Sarah, you'll never be a bad mother but your post made me laugh. I've totally been there. 

. . .

*Lately I have been trying to exercise an hour a day. The snow and ice are conspiring against me so I have taken to watching or listening to something while I glide away on the elliptical. Mind happy, body happy. Here's what I've watched/listened to lately.

 **I've been thinking a lot about hope and looking for examples around me.

***Spreading seeds of blog love. These are some ideas and posts I starred this week.