Small joys today

I've been pretty eeyore-ish lately. I can see that, looking through my last handful of posts. But there are still those daily glimmers, some small joys to notice and celebrate:

~ stumbling upon The Waltons while Maddy and I cleaned out our closets and sorted through old clothes the last two afternoons. So wholesome, so days-gone-by. I always thought Olivia was a beautiful, wise mom and had a little crush on Jim-Bob (hey! he could fix lots of things!). I still dream of a white farmhouse on a mountain...

~ my newly-weeded out closet

~ my sunny office/crafty room, formerly Maddy's bedroom (+ she's happy to now have the former studio for her room):

~ installing long-owned items with lingering good (inactive) intentions, like these ledges that are still works in progress but much better on the wall than in the box:

~ finding quick solutions to my problems today via Facebook: a dog sitter and a CSA crate picker upper. Who knew that all I needed to do was post a status and all my wishes could come true? Thanks, Facebook friends. 

~ watching this video, which makes me want to (a) join in and (b) get some vintage dresses (let's bring back hats! yes?) (via kotke.)

So that's how I'm trying to outrun Eeyore who is, after all, a slow small donkey. Not to mention fictional.
What small joys have you found today?