~ This morning G and I are sneaking off to Brimfield. It's a clear cool September day and we're finally (after a decade of trying) going to check out all the antique offerings and spend the day walking around in the sunshine.  

~ Never mind that yesterday I agreed to a very ambitious set of deadlines for this semester related to my dissertation prep and other sundry things.  I think it will inspire a best-selling children's book entitled "If You Give a Gal a Deadline."  I'm sure antique fairs will figure prominently. 

~Yesterday my friend emailed me about her teenage daughter's dream. According to my friend it was a "horrible nightmare which involved some festering sores--when she told us (her parents), we appeared to be indifferent. But she said you were nearby and gave her a cookie.  Thanks for helping out when we clearly were falling down on the nurturing job!"  So in spite of my subpar performance in real life, I am rocking it in someone's dreams.  I'll take it.  In fact, it made my day. 

~ On the other hand, I just realized I spaced my posting day at Segullah yesterday. Oy. Quick, someone dream about me being responsible and on top of things! Or at least giving out cookies.

. . .

Listen: Chelsea Dagger ~ The Fratellis

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