So it was Christmas*


 Ah, Christmas. It was grand. And it seems so long ago.

Favorite moments:

Attending candlelight carol service on Christmas Eve in town with the family.

New Christmas pajamas 

Christmas morning at 7 a.m. (the advantages of having older children!)

Chocolate croissants, oranges, and hot chocolate

Watching the kids doing Just Dance 2. (Okay, and doing it myself. A-Punk is particularly awesome)

Dinner with Christmas crackers and soup in sourdough bowls.

Epic fireplace fires built and maintained by G and Sam

Pre-Christmas prep with G, who took a few days off so we shopped and lunched and walked and matinee-ed

Christmas weekend snowstorm & being snowed in for a day. On purpose.

Christmas Bounty

You know how, when you were young, you phoned up your best friend on Christmas morning and catalogued your favorite gifts? Well, that's what I'm going to do here. Please excuse the thing-ism. It's for posterity. Faves:

Lauren: Nook e-reader. Black dressy boots.

Maddy: A guitar. Yellow rain boots.

Sam: Snowshoes and a hiking backpack. Inception dvd. 

Greg: Snowshoes and a hiking backpack. A Minerva Teichert painting. Freaks and Geeks dvd. 

Annie: Winter running clothes galore. Maira Kalman book. Guilty pleasure White Nights dvd.

Family gift: An elliptical machine. Woot!

. . .

More catching up later... happy re-entry to routines and life! 

*props to Holly at Marathon Bird for this post title that I swiped from her.