Summer obsession #2

Cheap Foster Grant aviators. I bought these in desperation at a drug store two years ago for about $9. I adore them and hope they last forever because I can't find their twin anywhere. Luckily, they were cheap so I will never lose them. (I only lose expensive ones, of course!) I wear them and channel Tami Taylor

Which leads me to summer obsession #2b. This summer I've introduced Maddy to Friday Night Lights. (It's our little treat together now and then. I think 16 is a good age to get it and it's also a fabulous entree to some good discussions about issues brought up in the show. Because it's not without its prickly issues, y'all.)

So, anyway. I've been re-immersed in Tami Taylor appreciation lately. (Seriously, is there a graduate program to become Tami Taylor? Because I'd enroll.) I know I've already sung its praises several times here through the years but it's such a terrific show. And my favorite t.v. portrayal of a real, true, imperfect, loving marriage. If you're looking to get immersed in a series this summer, you could treat yourself to FNL. Clear eyes, full hearts can't lose.

Okay, I won't go all crazy with clips but here's the final promo trailer encompassing scenes from the entire series: