Sweet (new-to-us) discoveries

Part of the fun of moving across the globe is sampling a whole new music scene. Happily, there is a lot going on here in Australia with a wealth of talented artists that just don't get the exposure in the states--at least not yet or not as much. While we were already fans of some of these before we came here (I'm looking at you, Angus & Julia Stone and The Temper Trap), it's been fun to discover what we've been missing out on. 

Here are a few new-to-us Aussie faves that you might like, too (and, yes, for those of you who are Australians, it's probably old news):

Little Red
- 4-piece indie pop band (sadly they just broke up in July, though)
- upbeat, happy energy and a bit of a retro sound in some of their songs
- try Rock It Coca Cola



Angus & Julia Stone
- brother-sister duo with unique voices and close harmonies
- Big Jet Plane was their big breakout, also used on movie soundtracks and commercials
- try Big Jet PlaneI'm Not YoursJust a Boy



The Temper Trap
- The lead, Mandagi, was originally a busker in Melbourne
- I first loved them on the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer 
- try Sweet DispositionTrembling Hands



Lanie Lane
- blues+jazz singer-songwriter-guitarist (and florist, to raise money for her album)
- charming, eclectic sound
- just won best independent blues & roots album
- try That's What You Get for Falling in Love with a CowboyWhat Do I Do

The Rubens
- a fairly new band (started in 2011) but they are gaining fast
- soul + blues + rock, reminiscent of the Black Keys (who they opened for here)
- try Lay It DownMy Gun, Never Be the Same




More to come...