Thanksgiving retrospective

Apparently the answer to the question How long does it take to recover from Thanksgiving week? is...oh, until today.  It was wonderful and filled with goodness. And--naturally!--I took hardly any pictures. 

We made these fun wheat bundle placecards again:


And remembered to take a picture of the table only after the meal:

Here's an iphone shot of some of the people, around a table at Bertucci's the next day, though:

Some favorite/memorable moments:

Looking, heart filled, around the table at parents, children, husband, siblings, and family friends.

Singing rounds and alleluias by candlelight after dinner. Glorious!

Taking turns reading our gratitude notes, including creative items like junior mints, junior proms, the seasons, crying, the primary program, handwriting, cinnamon raisin toast, funny people, seminary, nail polish, kraken, netflix, and Cary Grant as well as beloved standards like family, food, books, home.

Spending an afternoon in Harvard Square: pizza, brass quartets playing Christmas carols, bookstore browsing, Christmas gift shopping.

Movies: Harry Potter 7, 127 Hours, Morning Glory, Tangled, & Sherlock Holmes.

Picking up naughty Louie from dog jail after he went missing for a few hours

Successful gravy. Juicy brined turkey. Failed blueberry pie.

Breakfast with my parents at the Colonial Inn

Hyggli conversation, music, laughter.

. . .

And then, crashing with a head cold for three days after everyone went home.

It was worth it.

Welcome, December!