The Fantastic Mr. Louie

I'm pretty sure Louie must have had a good old Fantastic Mr. Fox (:30) dining experience when we were gone today. It's a fairly safe bet, based on the remaining evidence strewn around our front room:

Oh, Louie. Once again you've got some 'splaining to do (remember these other times?).  (Kids are better than dogs reason #2947: kids understand when you're upset, why you're upset, and will help--or be convinced to help--clean up their messes. Dogs? Not on your life.)

And then he makes it hard to stay angry with him, following me all around the house, being absolutely fascinated--enraptured!--by everything I do (a good route to forgiveness in any situation) and looking at me with those puppy dog eyes.  Here, look. I found him snuggling Emily doll on Maddy's bed a bit later:

He's so manipulative with his cuteness.