The First Prom

 This weekend was the stake prom, a church-sponsored dinner dance (with dates) for teens in the area.  I didn't have these where I grew up but here they're a big deal and, for many of the kids, the only proms they attend.

For the grandparents to see:

 There's a saga about the dress: She ordered it online but, since it was strapless, she knew she'd have to modify it for the church prom. The long story includes delays at the tailor, a frumpy result, unpicking the modifications and, a few hours before the dance, an emergency trip to the mall without her to find a cover up. Whew. 

A nice cute boy in our congregation asked Lauren back in early February by drawing his invitation on the sidewalk with colored chalk outside the church. It was his first date ever and they had a good time getting to know each other better. One prom fail: we left the boutonniere at home in the fridge. She brought it to him the next day at church but it just wasn't quite the same. Plus what 16-year-old wants to wear a boutonniere at church? 

They met up with other friends for a big photo shoot before the dance. Halfway through the group shot we realized it looked like a wedding photo, with the white dress in the middle :).

 G was one of the chaperones and drove L & her date to the dinner-dance.  He did this quick, warm-up spin with her before they left. I heart this photo.

. . .

In the meantime, Maddy met up with all of her friends (too young for prom) for an "anti-prom" party. I went on a Sam date--we ate Mexican food and watched the pilot episode of Lost. (He has started watching the current season with G and me and has been dying to see the beginning.)

All in all, a lovely evening for all and in spite of the Cinderella looking getup, Lauren came home with both slippers in tact on her feet.

. . .

Do you have memories of your first prom?