The Graduate

With Lizzie 

With her aunt Nancy

With her Bentley grandparents (so great to have my parents there!)

Laughing with one of her Latin teachers, Ms. Bjorkman, one of her favorites

With Lucy 

With Josh (and Grandpa Bentley laughing in the background)

. . .

Notes from graduation:

~ It rained, which meant it wasn't outside in the glorious green spring but inside in the musty old gym with limited seating and difficult photo challenges. Oh, well.

~ I love that all the girls wear white dresses under their robes.

~ Is there a song that triggers more tears than Pomp and Circumstance? It's poignant seeing all those young adults march in with their caps and gowns and smiles, those kids we saw in corduroys at preschool, who were sounding out their words a mere 12 years ago and who bounced in their bus seats with excitement en route to field trips. They're suddenly tall, smart, and eager to make a go of it. Sniff.

~ One of the high school social studies teachers, Mike Goodwin, was chosen by the students to give the graduation speech. Amazing. I think it was the best grad speech I've ever heard or read. Just funny and wise and true. He was himself a student at the high school, graduating in the mid-90s, and is (by the way) the son of Doris Kearns Goodwin and Richard Goodwin). He rocked it. I kind of really want to be a high school teacher now, that's how inspiring he was and how much the kids obviously love him.

~ So concludes the grad/prom season o' Lauren (although I'm still insisting on writing those Liner Notes). If you think you've had your fill of hearing all about her, just think how her siblings feel! I keep telling them that their day will come...and it will. All too soon.