The nibble of reality

Oy, I received an email from my advisor this afternoon. When I saw her name in my inbox I had a little adrenaline rush. Or some might call it a wee panic attack. You see, I've been working steadily on my papers and qualifying review portfolio this summer. Steadily but not speedily. I had a deadline of September 14th and, you know, that's miles of time. Acres, at least.  However, my advisor was emailing to let me know that my committee needs my materials two weeks in advance to review them before the meeting on September 14th, meaning my deadline is now next week.

Reality isn't quite biting yet (that will be next week!) but it certainly is nibbling about the edges today. So I'm going public with my intention to dedicate several hours a day, preferably early in the morning, from here on out.

But first I had to write this post. Priorities, you know. 

. . .

p.s. This morning after getting a haircut in Boston, I took Sam (Maddy's in an intensive driver's ed class all week) to the Harvard Museum of Natural History as a reward for coming along to the salon. He liked the duck-billed platypus and the whales suspended from the ceiling.  I loved the butterflies and glass flowers. Maybe I'm just getting adept at avoiding everything that can nibble or bite.