The wedding at the end of the tracks

The train took us to Los Angeles for a happy reason: my cousin Erik was getting married. At this point in our family, these weddings only happen every so often (and I've missed the last few) so I was determined to go celebrate and see everyone. We spent time with my parents and my sister and took the chance to enjoy Santa Monica pier,

and movies and eating and even Disneyland along the way.

The wedding was lovely and dreamy: cousin Erik married Vivi on a yacht in Marina del Rey at sunset. All of my aunts & uncles (except one) and many cousins were there. Somehow I neglected to bring my camera so these photos are snagged from facebook. 


It's a pity they are so unattractive, though. I really feel bad for their future children. It will be hard to be saddled with those long-legged, white-toothed, chiseled-bone-structure genes. Poor things. Let's take up a collection, shall we?

. . .

Listen: The Book of Love ~ Rose Polenzani & Rose Cousins (Magnetic Fields cover)